Membership Resources

Use these resources to see if your club is meeting members’ needs and reflecting the community:

Use these resources to learn strategies that will keep members excited about Rotary:

Use the strategies and ideas in these resources to connect with potential members:

Find ideas for planning and strengthening your club in these resources:

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District Membership Committee

Clifford DG Berg
District Governor
John E. Mager DGE
Randolph DGN Smith
H. Hugh Dawkins Jr.
Immediate Past District Governor
Richard Bellerose
Susan N. Giove
Tracy E Reynolds
William G. King Jr.
District Membership Chair
Pat Campbell-White
Innovative Club Advocates

Zone Leadership Contact

Terry Weaver
Zone 33 Membership Coordinator (RRC)

Hugh Dawkins
Assistant Rotary Coordinator (ARC)

Haris Sofradzija
RI Membership Officer

Make new members feel welcome

Use these resources to celebrate new members, develop an orientation program, and get them involved early and often.

Follow your membership leads

Many prospective members express their interest in Rotary through . If you are a club or district leader, you will receive an email alert letting you know if any of these prospective members have been assigned to your club or district. Check often — these prospective members are waiting to hear from you.

These resources can help you understand what to do with membership leads:

  • — This Learning Center course will show how a prospect experiences the membership leads process, and how club and district leaders can create a consistent, positive experience for prospective members.
  • — Find prospective members who want to get involved.
  • How to Manage Membership Leads (for  and ). Learn how to find and manage your online membership leads.

Please note that some links will require you to FIRST login to the Learning Center in order to access the content.