Rotary District 7630 Documents

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a. Rotary Showcase User Guide.pdf1 MB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
b. How to Add Project to Rotary Showcase.pdf219 KB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
c. How to Start Project on Rotary Ideas.pdf272 KB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
Scholarship.docx2 MB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
Vocational Training Team.docx2 MB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
Humanitarian Grant.docx2 MB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
b. Rotary Grants Presentation.pptx14 MB08/17/21 at 09:53 AM
h. Guide to Sustainability.pdf4 MB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
f. Communities in Action a Guide to Effective Projects.pdf2 MB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
g. Community Assessment Tools.pdf2 MB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
i. Six Steps to Sustainability.pdf1022 KB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
c. Club Memorandum of Understanding.pdf128 KB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
e. Club MOU Resources Guide.pdf186 KB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
d. Club Qualification MOU Worksheet.pdf187 KB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
a. Rotary Grants Terms Conditions.pdf230 KB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
j. Grant Travel.docx15 KB08/17/21 at 09:52 AM
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